The coronavirus quarantines caused the organizer of the global event to take a new direction, launching a record label and selling digital art.

The international party brand Space Yacht is preparing to launch its second collection of non-expendable token artwork on the Nifty Gateway market on December 23rd.

Entitled „Space Yacht Iconography Collection“, the NFT presents three of the brand’s central themes: pizza, smiling faces and its trademark slogan, „WE ARE SO F☻CKED“.

The artwork also incorporates original music by Space Yacht co-founder Rami Perlman, also known as LondonBridge.

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12 months ago, Space Yacht was best known for organizing over 150 electronic dance music, or EDM, events worldwide each year. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the event industry virtually shut down.

The brand turned to the digital arena by launching a record label, signing up artists who would previously have opened at their events.

However, during the summer, Space Yacht launched its first NFT collection, a collaboration with renowned digital artist Goldweard. This became the best selling NFT in the Nifty Gateway market, with over 230 pieces sold in just 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

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The brand hopes to replicate its success for the second time with the Iconography collection.

Perlman has been a collector of physical art for 15 years and sees digital art as a stimulating extension of this, and also as a potential new source of income for musicians and artists, he says:

„The more people get involved, the more viable it is for the future. We are confident Bitcoin Trader that NFT will become a force within the industry and a new way for digital musicians and artists to monetise their work.

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While pizza has long been revered in the world of cryptology, Space Yacht’s use of pizza as a theme pays tribute to a tradition that takes place at all of its live events, namely that the founders hand out free pizza on the dance floor at 1 AM.

Last week, electronic music producer and DJ deadmau5 and augmented reality designer Sutu sold their unique collaboration In Titan’s Light for 78 ETH, or almost USD 50,000 at current prices. Producer Guy J also jumped at blockchain, selling the rights to future broadcast royalties.